We buy precious metals

Everybody says they have “The best rates in town!” for silver, gold and platinum, but not everyone can be telling the truth.  We have fantastic rates on cashing out your precious metals and jewelry!  If you think you’ve found a better rate with another company, bring us a current official written quote for your goods.  If we can, we’ll pay you a better percentage on your precious metals than the quote you got.  If you are thinking about selling, please bring two forms of ID, including one form of government issued photo ID.  We’ll have money in your hand before you walk out the door!

Note: As a company who cares, we want to be socially and environmentally conscious.  We put an emphasis on recycling the metals and reselling the jewelry we buy.  When recycling, as long as reusing the metal doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the new piece, we do what we can to put the metal back into circulation ourselves.  If you have a piece you’d like to repurpose in to something new to you, bring it in and we’ll see what we can create together!