“The Story of Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry”

“Where you live should no longer determine whether you live.” – Bono (U2)

In June of 2009 our owner and manager, Jamie Jockwig, returned to Kenya for the third time to do AIDS education.  While spending ten days teaching in a variety of venues, his eyes were again opened to all the orphans around him.  UNICEF reports approximately 53,000,000 kids orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily as a result of preventable diseases; and most are predominantly plagued by a mixture of horrible circumstances, poor adult choices and human apathy.  We want to be a part of changing that.  After importing some Tanzanite stones from East Africa, Jamie started his own business named after Baraka, a young orphan girl he met on his return flight from Kenya in 2002.

We are committed to using the sale of the luxurious to change the circumstances of the impoverished.  We’re doing that by using profits to help build self-sustaining orphanages worldwide.  We currently donate 10+% of the profits of every sale (hopefully 50% someday), to nationally run orphanages in Kenya particularly.

Our specialties include all kinds of fine jewelry: Handcrafted & Traditional, Engagement and Bridal, Vintage and Estate, Gemstones and Diamonds, Custom Design and Repair, Buying and Selling Precious Metals and Stones, Appraisals.  By purchasing jewelry from Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry, you help us to help you help kids!  If you have questions for us, please ask.  We love talking about the story of Baraka.  We are also interested in your story and how we might work to write a page or two together.

Thank you for any patronage and support you offer!  We can’t do this without people who care.

Baraka (“Blessings” in Ki-Swahili) to you,

The Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry Team